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There’s a New King in the Valley

There is a new King in the Snoqualmie Valley. Jesse King has been named Head Brewer at Remlinger Farms’ brewery. The brewery will be housed between Remlinger Farm’s market and restaurant. Remlinger Brewing will begin brewing in late summer/early fall. In the meantime, Jesse is collaborating on some brews with Postdoc Brewing and Bickersons Brewhouse. Though Remlinger Brewing will not be open in time for Eastside Beer Week 2021, Jesse will still have craft beer collabs ready for those that visit Remlinger Farms.

Jesse King
Jesse King, Head Brewer for Remlinger Farms

Brewing Education includes:

  • Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering, American Brewers Guild

  • Brewing Science, KU Leuven

  • Microbiology and Analysis for Brewers (non-degree), Oregon State University


Born in Washington, and grew up on the beach of Pacific City, Oregon, Jesse fell in love with craft beers in the late 80's early 90's while working in a small cafe, The Cafe on Hawk Creek in Neskowin. While working in this small cafe, Jesse recalls some of the regulars, the McMenamin brothers and the founding Brewmaster for Rogue Ales.

Jesse’s path to brewing is decorated with memories of his first sip of Henry Weinhard's, dabbling in the beer arena while studying to be a firefighter, and cooking at 3 Star Michelin kitchens in Europe. Though exciting experiences, Jesse was missing great American beer, especially the great hop-driven beers from the Pacific Northwest. Enter the song, "Don’t Know What You Got (‘Til It's Gone)." Then, while in Europe, Jesse came across a startup Finnish brewery focused on American-style beers in 2015. By 2016, Jesse was the Head Brewer for Finnish brewery, Fat Lizard Brewing as they grew from 300bbl/year to over 10,000bbl/year.

Turn the page a few years and Jesse is now the Head Brewer at Remlinger Brewing. You will not see Jesse focus on beer trends, or any particular style of beer, he just wants to let his culinary sense focus on the ingredients. The chef inside him wants to stack up flavors and let the ingredients speak for themselves. Jesse also wants to highlight the fruits grown on Remlinger Farms in the beers, as well as pair great local foods with his beers. The menu is coming soon, but we already know it will include Uli's Famous Sausage. Good choice.

Remlinger Brewing will begin brewing on a 5-barrel system, four fermenter tanks, and four brite tanks. Gradually they want to expand with the idea of a production facility and a hop farm. The idea of a hop farm west of the Cascade Range is exciting given that Western Washington was home to hop farms in Pierce and King County. Once operational, Jesse will start off with a pale ale and lager.

Remlinger Brewing logo

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