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2019 Washington Beer Awards

The Eastside had a phenomenal showing at the 2019 Washington Beer Awards winning 26 medals and a "Best of" award.

Congratulations Eastside family!

German-Style Pilsners: Silver: Bellevue Brewing Co - Bellevue Brewing Pilsner

Bohemian-Style Pilsners: Gold: Chainline Brewing Company - Polaris

Other German Dark Lagers: Bronze: Chainline Brewing Company - Cerne

Contemporary American-Style Pilsners: Silver: Bellevue Brewing Co - Bellevue Brewing IPL

Other American-Style Lagers: Bronze: Four Generals Brewing  - Rentoncito

South German-Style Hefeweizens: Bronze: 20 Corners Brewing Company - Scud Runner

American Wheat Beers: Silver: Snoqualmie Falls Brewery - Haystack Bronze: Metier Brewing Company - Wheat

American-Style Cream Ales: Gold: Postdoc Brewing - Hydrogen Blonde

British Strong Ales: Gold: Cairn Brewing - Wee Heavey

Scotch Ales: Silver: Black Raven Brewing - Second Sight

Sweet/Cream Stouts: Gold: Bushnell Craft Brewing Company - Dunkadelic

American-Style Imperial Stouts: Gold: Black Raven Brewing - Grandfather Raven

American Amber Ales: Silver: Big Block Brewing - Flathead Red

American-Style Brown and Black Ales: Gold: Big Block Brewing - Big Block Brown

Imperial or Double India Pale Ales: Gold: Sumerian Brewing Co. - Hopruption Double IPA

Light Abbey-Inspired Ales: Gold: Triplehorn Brewing Co - Stupid Monke

Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ales: Bronze: Metier Brewing Company - Belgian Golden

Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ales: Gold: Decibel Brewing Co - Pour Some Sugar On Me

Belgian and French Farmhouse Ales: Gold: Snoqualmie Falls Brewery - Meadowbrook

Specialty Saisons: Bronze: Mac & Jacks Brewery Inc. - Brett Saison

Vegetable Beers: Silver: Black Raven Brewing - Coco Jones

Chili Pepper Beers: Gold: 20 Corners Brewing Company - Zicatella

Specialty & Historical Beers: Gold: Resonate Brewery + Pizzeria - King Bee Bronze: Chainline Brewing Company - Steinbier Experimental Beers: Gold: 20 Corners Brewing Company - Calypso

Best Washington Malt Beer (Sponsored by Skagit Valley Malting): 20 Corners Brewing Company - La Push

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