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Beers for Grills and Tents

Beer pairs perfectly with food and desserts. Beers also pair with the changing seasons. Get ready, 'tis the season for BBQs, cookouts and camping. So as you cruise through the grocery store picking up hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, side dishes, and camping rations (and vegan options for some of my PNW friends) make sure you stock up on Eastside beers for the outdoors.

Kegs, growlers, cans and bottles are all perfect for BBQs and cookouts. However, you have to be a little more intentional about the vessel you choose for camping. No kegs!!! Too heavy and draws too much attention to park rangers (Yes, I'm talking about you J.W.). And, always pack in and pack out.

Some of our Eastside brewers put together a list of their favorite summer beers that will help you be successful when firing up the grill or packing for camping and hiking trips. These beers pair superbly for this summer.

Where do you get them? At their brewery. Click the links to find their locations.

425 Pale Ale

425 Pale Ale, which literally has “Eastside” written all over it, is a great refreshing beer for a day gathered around the BBQ. Plus, the cans are easy take camping and hiking. Delicious smooth notes of citrus followed by subtle, piney hops, stone fruit, and a dry, crisp finish. 4.8% ABV | 37 IBU

Hochzeit Pilsner

A summer seasonal lager brewed each year in limited quantity, this clean and crisp lager is the perfect summer treat. Brewed with traditional Czech grown and malted barley for an authentic European malt flavor. Domestic and European hops provide a balanced hop bitterness and flavor. 5.0% ABV | 32 IBU

Goth Beach Party

Picture Robert Smith on the beach. That’s how we like to describe this Black Lager. Coffee, chocolate, and a touch of roast but finishes clear like a pilsner. The perfect summer beer for those of us who prefer the fall. 5.5% ABV / 29 IBU

Tail Wagger IPL

Great way to kick off summer, This India pale lager that releases on Memorial Day. Great hop flavor with a sessionable 4.7% ABV. Make sure you grab some before its gone.

Cream Ale

This seasonal beer is released each May in honor of our very own Stephanie and Lee, as they celebrate their wedding anniversary.  This is the ultimate wedding beer, delicate and full flavored and just incredibly delicious.  Cream Ale is the official beer for Memorial Day weekend. We will have this beer on 2 taps - Nitro and CO2 - perfect BBQ beer and everyone should fill up their growlers for outdoor cooking and camping. 5.2% ABV | 18 IBU

Passion Fruit Milkshake IPA

Blended with passion fruit puree and a generous dose of Citra hops and milk sugar to round out this full-bodied IPA. 6% ABV | 54 IBU

Hydrogen Blonde

Crisp light golden ale with a slightly sweet biscuity malt flavor. Delicate floral hop aroma from German hops. The name is inspired by the hydrogen bonds formed in solutions of alcohol and water, like in beer! Plus it comes in six packs! 4.6% ABV | 15 IBU

Mexican Radio

A Mexican-style lager that is light and refreshing with the unmistakable creamy hint of sweetness that corn brings to this sessionable beer.  At just 5.0%, it's an addictively drinkable beer will leave you wanting another, and another, and …

Holy Water Citra IPA

Nothing shy about our motive here! Showcasing one of the Northwest’s favorite hops, citra! A clean crisp malt body boasts a delicate balance with our signature heavy-handed late hopping addition. 5.5% ABV | 45 IBU

• Holy Water Citra IPA:  2nd. Place at Washington Brewers Festival!

• Holy Water Citra IPA:  2nd. Place in Best of the Northwest by Sip Magazine!

Bloodgeon Blood Orange Wheat

By far, our most popular summer ale. This blood orange wheat incorporates the subtle raspberry like citrus notes of blood oranges with a light and refreshing wheat body. Perfect for any sunny day! 4.8% ABV | 18 IBU

El Solo Mexican Lager

Our #1 BBQ beer is this crisp, light, refreshing lager.  Brewed with Skagit Valley Pilsner Malt, Magnum and Czech Saaz hops.  Served with a lime. 4.3% ABV | 14 IBU

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